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I think I just sold myself on one. Wrote to the eBay seller asking about the to cable.

Guide to External Drives for Your Mac

I'm getting the trapezoid. I can report back if you guys have any questions. But why shouldn't I power a drive over USB? I like my mac. Obviously these can exceed power ratings by presenting multiple power requests to a single USB port on the Mac side.

Using External SSD as Boot Drive on iMac

Some SSD may draw a lot more power than one would expect on a drive without motor. Most difficult part was carefully pushing the thing through the bottom of the metal frame to install that little LED indicator. So no increased power demands for your machine. And for the price if it gets buggered, simply buy another.

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Mine came in too but it won't work unless I cycle the power on the enclosure every time I restart. It works fine once its going, but the computer doesn't see it until I unplug it and plug it back in. Do you guys think its a dud? My dad did put the package in the fridge for a few hours, he thought it was medicine.

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So I tried the unplug-replug approach and it booted. Seems to be drive-specific in nature This does now mount and boot on the Quicksilver. That's very generous, but I can find other uses for an external sata enclosure. I agree that replacing the internal drive is usually preferable, but the g4 imacs are a different story. The hard drive lives at the very top of the base section and you have to tear down most of the computer to get to it.

Firewire has the advantage of being able to transfer power to the device through the same cable that does the data transfer. A disadvantage of Firewire is that cables tend to be more expensive.

Before Entering Target Disk Mode

Even though most camcorders also include USB 2 connectors, these may only be used to download the digital images many newer camcorders can take. To download video, you would use the Firewire connection. Like USB, Firewire supports different connector types. Alas, FireWire is widely used in the Mac world to attach external hard drives, cameras and camcorders, and music processing gear. USB 2. So what can the many users with significant investments in FireWire devices do when upgrading to new Macs?

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There are solutions, but all have drawbacks, which you must carefully weigh before buying. OS X Mountain Lion. Keep up with key Apple technologies with the Technology: Apple newsletter.

This one-way adapter you can't use it to convert a Mac FireWire interface to Thunderbolt supports a FireWire attachment; you can then use a FireWire to-FireWire conversion cable to attach FireWire devices. The adapter works well when it works, providing full FireWire performance. But users of the adapter have encountered a frustrating limitation: Only 7W of bus power is supplied to an attached device.

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If you can externally power your device, you can bypass the 7W limitation. Otherwise you'll need to explore other solutions. Even if you can run within the 7W budget or bypass it, another limitation may stop you. Apple's adapter still looks like Thunderbolt to the Mac, so if your application won't work with Thunderbolt, the adapter may be useless to you.

One documented failure mode is running Microsoft Windows under Boot Camp interfacing to non-hard-disk FireWire devices.