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Wanna jump back to the previous page? Just press delete. On PC, press Backspace. Wanna go forward? Hold Shift and press delete. On PC, hold shift and press Backspace. Is the page frozen? Hold Command and press R to quickly reload it. On PC, hold Ctrl and press R.

20 Cool Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know

Need to find a keyword or phrase on the page? Hold Command and press F. Then simply type what you're looking for. On PC, hold Ctrl and press F. The first keyword isn't correct that appears in the find bar? Press Enter to move to the next search term. On PC, hold Ctrl and press G. To scroll back to the previous keyword, hold Shift and press Enter.

Read an awesome article? Or need to bookmark a useful tool? Hold Command and press D. On PC, hold Ctrl and press D. Need to activate an extension such as HubSpot Sales , an email productivity tool? Hold Command and press the comma key. There is no keyboard shortcut for this for PC.

Downloaded something you quickly need to reference? Hold Command and Shift , then press J. For PC, hold Ctrl and press J.

Organize Your Workspace

When I have too many tabs open, but I don't want to close them yet, I'll open a new window. To do this, hold Command and press N.

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On PC, hold Ctrl and press N. No this isn't a keyboard shortcut, but it's just as useful. If I want to focus on only one tab, I'll click the tab and drag it downwards until a new window opens. This helps me focus on only one tab, by removing it from a cluster of too many other tabs. Quickly close the current window by holding Command and Shift , then press W. To minimize the current window, hold Command and press M. On PC, there isn't a keyboard shortcut for this.

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How To Split And Align Windows With Keyboard Shortcuts On macOS

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This change was made in OS X The great thing about the Trackpad section is that it shows you a video of how to engage a gesture and what it does right there. All you need to do is mouse over to one.

source url Spend some time here getting to know all the gestures. They will make navigating the Mac much, much better.