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Neither will install if you only have a Core Duo processor. Still worth the upgrade to Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard is the latest OS to which you can upgrade. Thank you very much for your advice. I will definitely buy the snow leopard upgrade. I've bought some ram from Crucial and so I'm not sure how much to use, I have two 2GB ram disk things. Many thanks again. Thank you.

Upgrade to OS X 10.5 from OS X 10.4.11

You can find installation instruction videos for a variety of Macs here: If you have a laptop or iMac, you can't change the CPU, nor can a computer tech. The only model where the processor is upgradable to a point is the Mac Pro, which I highly doubt you have.

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If you want faster speeds, your only options are to max out your RAM memory, or move up to a newer model. Unfortunately, no. Thank you very much for everyone's help!

How To Update Mac OS X Tiger in 2015

I really appreciate it, I've learnt lots. Many Thanks, Duncan. The first C2Ds only had the 32 bit firmware, and can only upgrade to Lion. Apple stopped updating The next models up have Intel chips. You can't download Leopard or Snow Leopard on it because they are Intel chips. Sorry to say, but you will have to get a new computer.

I have Lion Lion is reputed to be so slow and I can attest to that.

Installation Requirements

If the mother board hadn't gone out of my old one, I would have kept it to just use as a word processor to write my memoirs on. The techs were able to put that old hard-drive on my new machine. I wouldn't do that again because of the chip incapability. I had a lot stored on that hard-drive and a lot to delete from it. I hope this has been helpful to you. Thank you for your response. That's a shame, but good to know before I go ahead an spend lots on it trying to upgrade it. Many thanks. There is NO "chip incompatibility" with your old hard drive, it will function perfectly well attached to almost any computer, including your new one.

ALL the data on that drive would have been intact and usable, had you connected it to your new machine. Some of the applications on it may not run because they were not written for the Intel processor which you have in your new machine.

Requirements for Upgrading from Apple OS X to | Your Business

I have hard drives attached to my iMac i7 that were attached to my G3 and G4 workstations The only correct statement I see in your post is the first one where you stated that Apple had stopped updating Where did you come up with all that incorrect information? I guess I was not told the truth about the chip incompatibility in the old and new computers. I am glad that you have set me straight and I hope my info didn't cause too much trouble. I didn't mean to misinform Duncan.

Some years back, they abandoned the PPC processor and moved to Intel processors. In this thread, the OP has an Intel processor so that particular problem is not in play P. The included script resets the prebinding on your Mac OS X system:. For additional troubleshooting, you may need to delete corrupted Pro Tools preferences and database files. The Digidesign Tech Support Utility provides an easy to use program for this.

This utility is included in the Tech Support Folder download available from the following page:. Apple has posted the following information that updating to QuickTime 7.

Mac OS X Standalone Updates

If you have updated to Mac OS X If you still have problems, you should download and install the correct Combo Update for your system:. Preliminary reports suggest that Mac OS X If you must use Mac OS X Reinstall Mac OS X Or stay on Mac OS X If you are on QuickTime 7. If you have updated beyond 7. Pro Tools Pro Tools System Requirements. How do you rate this document? Searching criteria. Document Audience.

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